Shock Absorber

The ISE Shock Absorber is a protection against overload, preventing damage to the Take-Out arm and the resulting section stop. The shock absorber prevents belt breakage!

Build to last with zero maintenance, neither will production rate have to be reduced anymore, nor will you have to stop the line due to a broken take-out arm belt.
Simply install it and enjoy having a problem less to care about!


No Losses in Production
associated with belt breakages

Vibration-free and Zero-Backlash
for precise grabbing

Automatically returns post-impact into working position
No manual intervention needed

Adds elasticity to the rigid ISE Takeout System
only when needed

  • Features

  • Benefits

  • Built-in Overload Protection
  • Eliminate breakages of Timing Belts, reduce damage to the Takeout Gearbox output shaft keyways, Neckring Holder and Takeout Arm shafts
  • Zero backlash operation
  • Excellent positional accuracy each cycle
  • Self -Return into working Position post-collision
  • No intervention needed post impact
  • Easy mount design, no adjustments needed
  • “Fool proven” design
  • Simply mounts onto existing Tong Heads without modifications
  • Replaces existing adapter and screw on Tong Head i.e. easy retrofit!
  • Maintenance free, robust, long lasting design
  • No maintenance cost!
  • Suitable for all center distances
  • Available for all IS & AIS machines and also for NIS machines
  • Applicable to pneumatic & servo Take Out mechanisms
  • Standardization across all machines possible
  • Fits new ISE Takeout arms!
  • Combines the benefits of premium ISE Takeout arm and ISE shock absorber for users
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