About Us

We combine knowhow in mechanical and industrial engineering in order to arrive at practical and reliable solutions

Engineering Skill Makes a Difference

IS Engineering AG (ISE) Switzerland engage globally on industrial projects, advising large private investors, banks and leading industrial groups on acquisitions, divestitures and value creation.

ISE advise where engineering skills are of value, from assessment to conception and commercialization of products and services. We work directly and transparently with our clients, providing structured, engineer-minded advice that is tailored to their specific business requirement.

ISE deliver mechanical engineering designs and audit for heavy duty equipment and machinery. Our assignments are often part of tomorrow’s innovations for the packaging industry.



Independent consultancy firm

With special interest in the topics of sustainability and packaging 

Insights in market dynamics and related strategies

Passion for innovation and the design of faster, qualitatively better and less costly technologies

Belief in methods and tools for performance monitoring and improvement


Balancing priorities and time between consulting and engineering work

Balance time and resources among external and internal project demands

Hiring and retaining Talent within our company

Proven Engineering skills… from inception to market deployment

Our Strength

Over the past 16 years, we have been known for our innovative thinking in problem solving and engineering management.

We have helped hundreds of clients reach their goals by solving their technical challenges. Our quality and in-depth analysis gives our clients better insights and understanding of their economics and technical issues.

With over 350 man-years of engineering and managerial experience in industry, we walk the talk… from inception to market