Take Out Arm

The ISE Take Out Arm solves current issues encountered during intensive production process.
Designed to last, we also managed to rend maintenance easier and safer!


Zero backlash operation
reliable and precise

No damage on keyways
on the Gear Box output shaft

Fool-proof design
No adjustments needed at assembly / maintenance

All sizes available including NIS !
- for SETO mechanisms
- for pneumatic mechanisms

Industry Standard Interface to Tong Head
Existing Tong Heads can be used

Available for Servo as well as Pneumatic
Takeout Mechanisms!

  • Features

  • Benefits

  • Easy retrofit
  • Mounts onto various types of existing mechanisms without realigning. Existing Tong Heads can be used without modifications
  • Zero backlash operation: backlash-free design of timing belt, grooves fitted with teeth into pulley. No axial movement of drive shaft. Belt up to 36mm width.
  • Excellent repeatability and positional accuracy even at high speed operation. Reduces vibration of Tong Head
  • Improved torque transmission from the output shaft of the Gear Box to the Arm by machined in keys
  • The keys can’t tilt and damage the keyways on the output shaft of Gear Box
  • Fool-proof design with quality roller bearings on which backlash do not have to be adjusted. No adjustments at assembly.
  • No risk to overload angular bearings while assembly or maintenance. No increase of preload on bearings with heat expansion
  • Innovative quick change solution to replace Take Out Arm and Tong Head
  • Easy and fast replacement of Arm and Tong Head without hammer. Reduced risk to damage keys and keyways
  • Fully covered low friction roller bearings. Sealed for life
  • Protects bearings from dirt and grease stays in the bearings. Long service life and high reliability
  • Engineered from high quality materials
  • For high positional accuracy of grabbing, high reliability and low maintenance costs
  • Modular design, most parts are identical on all Take Out Arm versions and sizes
  • Limited number of different spare parts Standardized, maintenance friendly design
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