Parallel Tong Holder

The innovative ISE Parallel Operating Tong Head for the glass packaging industry resolves...
> issues with angular grabbing of containers such as thread damages or short mold contact time, due to lack of synchronization, are now resolved !
> fabricated with aeronautical-grade material, the ISE Parallel Operating Tong Head is designed to be long-lasting and precise in handling, across the wide spectrum of glass operating conditions.


Linear opening / closing
Take-Out Tongs

Eliminates critical defects
caused by angular tong holder opening

Extended mould time
by simultaneous closing across cavities

Precise guiding
low backlash for highly precise grabbing

  • Features

  • Benefits

  • Linear opening / closing Take Out Tongs
  • Designed for difficult finishes, where conventional angular Tong Holder reach their limit
  • Designed to grab container at thread finish
  • Reduces critical defects in NNPB and wide mouth production
  • Designed to grab container very close to the mould
  • Picking up the container in the bead
  • Designed for large finish containers
  • Handle very wide finish diameters without causing critical defects
  • Designed and optimized for 100% simultaneous closing across cavities
  • Extended mould contact time Reduces “dead time” in the machine cycle
  • Available for all center distances
  • Standardization across all machines
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