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  • Web Solutions for OEE -Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Swiss Machine Design
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Automation Engineering

Design and engineering of mechanical systems operating in heavy duty environments.

Industrial Engineering

Planning, EPC supervision, commissioning and start up of large scale industrial facilities. Our scope of supply includes complete plant technology, including steelworks, installation and commissioning. We also supply complete control systems including software-programming.

Web OEE Applications

State of the art plant automation solutions, enabling real time monitoring of KPMs and process performance.

Recent Work

Why Choose Us

    • Structured approach in reviewing, rethinking and optimisation existing mechanical designs.
    • Network of leading experts to add cutting edge knowhow in our mandates.
    • With the mindset of Developers we critically assess hypotheses, question observations.
    • We rethink embedded ideas and rotate concepts in view of inducing constructive critic and hence, technical progress.

What Clients Say

In any organization, innovative projects can only be implemented with the right people. With ISE, we had the right people for the job. Experience shows that innovation often happens with new people. ISE engineers showed the creativity and playfulness that are necessary for an innovative undertaking
ISE’s role was also about injecting a culture of “willing, able and ready to” embrace innovation
Being number one in our business means innovation and exposure. The permanent danger is to become self-absorbed, complacent hence sluggish. The opportunity is speed, speed in incorporating and adapting new ideas.
Our goal is not to innovate at any price. The danger of cannibalizing our own products should be avoided as much as possible. But make no mistake, if we don’t launch innovative products, our competitors will catch up very fast.
Innovation is not generated by a lone genius, locked away in some room. The “eccentric scientist” character is actually a negative value in an increasingly interconnected world where knowledge exchange knows no boundaries and speed is the name of the game.