New Mobility

Ease Decision Gridlock

PPM, “Plant Performance Management”, is our groundbreaking multi-device platform that allows you to track your production performance in real-time, or see how it compares with your industry, using any device.


LIGHT-WEIGHT HTML5 AND JSONPPM carries only JSON data, with libraries that make it easy to add support for any of your existing systems, it is cross–platform and runs on every Operating System with a modern Web browser.
ANYTIME AND ANYWHEREPPM information can be viewed anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your home, your office or your mobile device on the go.
DESIGNED TO ADAPT SEAMLESSLYPPM is a responsive application that adapts seamlessly to different devices such as desktops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones or any other web enabled device. To give a great user experience in all devices, it is touch sensitive and responds to different orientations when rotated or flipped.

Key Concepts


Drill downs, PPM enhances the user’s experience through visualization: offering a layered and progressive access to information
Avoiding crowded screens in order not to clutter the dashboard
Focusing only on the most important (key) information.

PPM manages and displays two sources of data:
data that is read or calculated based on available data. PPM may benchmark “live” data, e.g., running jobs collected by the minute with historical data stored in a database, possibly going back, e.g., as far as three years into the past.

PPM conveys information in two forms:
Tabular reports or charts showing Key performance metrics (KPMs) indicating how the plant is performing. KPMs are shown graphically based on a visual time scale for viewing one day, week, month, YTD or 12-month periods. Alerts requiring management’s attention and action.


Picture SMART WEB 2PPM starts with an overview at a global-wide level, then drills down by selection, e.g., country, plant, furnace and line.

PPM is a “two-way” tool where information can be viewed anytim
e, anywhere at several levels, e.g., global (world/regional), country (group/company), plant, furnace or line levels.

  • Global (world, regional, group, company, etc.)
  • Local (country, plant, furnace, line, etc.)