About Innovation



Pace of innovation may be the single most determining factor in your market success. We help accelerate your ideas and innovation into engineered products and processes. We support a clearly spelled out strategy, provide market insights and think out technological breakthrough. IS ENGINEERING supports and complements your in-house capabilities. We design reliable technology, map out efficient industrial processes and help understand market potential through the creative and analytical mindset of an engineer.

Our team possesses collectively over 300 years of professional engagements.
Our technical solutions operate around the clock in heavy duty, industrial environments. Our bias is for new ideas and ways to
translate them into reliable processes and products.

Our solutions are empowered by unique design tools that facilitate fresh, creative thinking. Our central location and secure EXTRANET bring us closer to our clients in Europe, Africa and Near East.

Team Spirit

We account for over 300 years of professional Engineering experience with backgrounds in mechanical design, industrial Engineering, Controls technology and Chemistry. Our core competence in Engineering is complemented by extensive Marketing & Product management experience (23 years) as well as Industrial Strategy spanning divestitures and acquisitions (11 years). Since year 2006, we have supported clients with over 30,000 engineering hours.